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Build A Profitable Social Brand And Grow A Loyal Audience With This Simple 6-Step Social Media Growth Process

…Without wasting time you don't have, posting content endlessly, or spending a fortune on paid ads

Now you too can use my PROVEN method to grow a wildly successful brand on social media, share your message with the world, and build your business online while living your purpose starting TODAY!

(No paid ads. No hashtag tricks. No fancy or tech stuff. It's so simple that a 16-year-old can learn it!)

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If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep scrolling.

You're not alone. Millions of people, just like you, are struggling to build anything tangible on social media.

My name is Jay Shetty.

I’m a New York Times bestselling author, purpose coach, and content creator.

I’m so grateful for the incredible response the world has had to my content.

There are many people out there who have the ability to build powerful brands — they just need to believe in their content and dare to put themselves out there.

When I started making videos, I was working a 9 to 5 job and had no idea my content would one day be seen by billions of people.

Every content creator out there right now started with just one view. One follower.

Know that if your work is authentic and powerful, you will go viral.

JayShetty: About

Before I found my way, I tried every method possible to get my work out there. I would create content non-stop – approaching media companies, and cold-emailing anyone who would listen.

And guess what? Forty companies rejected me for my content ideas.

They said, “No, we don’t think your content is right for us.” I felt down about it, but they were right. My content wasn’t right for them. It was for me.

So, I did the most important thing I could do. I continued creating.

Eventually, Ariana Huffington noticed my videos and loved them — a pivotal moment in my journey.

Suddenly HuffPost was knocking on my door, asking me to work with them on content creation. They posted one of my videos, and it received a million views in one week. Then they posted a second video, and it received a million views in one day.

That’s when I discovered, I needed to write, create, and film for myself. My brand. My voice. My message. This is the only way to truly be successful and fulfilled.

JayShetty: About

This is how you build a brand. By being true to yourself, creating consistently good work, always evolving and growing, and doing what you love — whether that’s writing, singing, selling a product, or creating lifestyle content.

There are quite literally billions of people in the world.

Don’t you think at least a small fraction of them will wildly enjoy and support your work?

Yes, they will. And they’re waiting to discover your content. But in order for that to happen, you have to start creating.

Spread Your Message Across The World & Live Your Purpose

For years, my followers have asked for my guidance on growing their Socials. I’ve finally put all my thoughts and advice together in a step-by-step program.

Imagine having the freedom and BIG earning capacity you need to do the things you really LOVE.

Living life on your terms and by your rules.

Being in control of your time and earning capacity.

While working just a few hours a day.

The new program I've created shows you exactly how you can start today and build a massive following who believe in your brand in just a few weeks.

I’ve drawn on my experience and the opportunities I’ve been blessed with to crystallize the exact patterns that have driven my successes.

These patterns are summarized in a unique but simple-to-follow 6-step social media growth framework that I developed.

The 6 steps that have given me the massive successes I've gotten on my social media journey in just 6 short years are:

Step 1: Purpose and Mission
Step 2: Content
Step 3: Emotion
Step 4: Production
Step 5: Alchemist
Step 6: Profit

I've gone ahead to outline and share in detail, each of these 6 steps and how to implement them and get outrageous results with your social media growth journey as soon as this week.

I’ve packaged them into 6 different value-packed modules inside a course you could finish in a couple of evenings if you really wanted to.

This program is called...
JayShetty: SMG
JayShetty: SMG Intro JayShetty: SMG Intro

Here’s What You’ll Gain From Choosing Social Media Growth:

JayShetty: ChooseRealizing your brand’s identity and purpose.
JayShetty: ChooseKnowing your audience and making them feel seen, heard, and understood.
JayShetty: ChooseViewing your content as a form of service and gift to be shared.
JayShetty: ChooseDetermining the pillars that uphold your brand.
JayShetty: ChooseApplying storytelling principles to everything you create.
JayShetty: ChooseExperiment with different forms of content and platforms to find your best fit.
JayShetty: ChooseUnderstanding the power of your creativity and talents.
JayShetty: ChooseMastering the art of writing, creating, and repurposing content.
JayShetty: ChooseBuilding an engaged audience through consistency, purpose, and authenticity.
JayShetty: ChooseTurning your social media into passive income streams.

Who’s This Course For?

This course is for anyone, and by anyone, I mean YOU, especially if you…

If you said yes to any of the above, perfect! This course is for you.

Once You Finish Social Media Growth, You Will Know With Crystal Clarity:

What are you waiting for?

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What Our Students Say:

Here’s What You Get With Social Media Growth:

JayShetty: SMG Stars


JayShetty: SMG Bonuses
  • Your Personal Guide to Outsourcing Roles All you need to know to start delegating and outsourcing tasks while you are growing your social media presence.$199 value
  • How to Create Quality Videos with Confidence A detailed guide with task checklists for preparation, filming and editing your video content$199 value
  • Creating a Brand Stylesheet Tutorial Series of videos and workbooks to create your brand voice, tone and style and convert your brand identity into a professional reference sheet for all your future graphic designs.$197 value
  • A 47-page Workbook with Lesson Exercises To guide you through the course and help you stay organized$99 value
  • Online Presence Plan Template A 16 page plan template accompanied by a questionnaire to define your presence channels, content formats and schedule.$99 value
  • Jay’s Social Media Wisdom in 3 Min or Less Video Series A video collection of Jay`s best answers to most frequently asked questions about social media.$97 value
  • Your Roadmap to Your First 10K Followers A step by step blueprint to growing your following with actionable steps.$49 value
  • Tech Tools List A detailed list of recommended software and apps to build, grow and monetize your social media brand.$49 value
  • Niche & Ideal Client Clarity Guide A step by step guide for discovering your target audience, areas of passion and areas of expertise$49 value

That’s a total value of $1037 for FREE

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That’s a total value of $1037 for FREE

How Much Does This Cost?

Now, before I tell you the price… I want to ask you something.

How annoying is it to spend hours every day on posts, only to get a handful of likes? Or waking up every morning to go to a job you hate, that doesn’t even pay you what you’re worth?

What if I told you, you can earn $2,000 in 2 weeks, working just 5 hours per week from the comfort of your home?
What would a life like that be worth for you? To REALLY live it, how much would you be willing to pay to make it a reality?
Because I’ve got some good news for you… and no, it’s not going to cost you 25k, a new home loan or a lottery win.

The truth is that the TOTAL VALUE for everything you'll learn and achieve with this course is actually pegged at a price of $1,399.

And sure enough, very soon, this course will be going at that price to the general public.

But today, I won't let you pay anything close to $1,399 for this course.

In fact, I believe in you so much that I'm waving as much as $1,000 OFF the actual price of this course!
That's right!

Today, I'm offering my life-changing course to you for $1,399 $399 ONLY!

Yes, there are courses that cost a whole lot more. But this course is the most actionable— which means you’re more likely to get fast results— and stay motivated to keep it going.

See, with other courses that drown you in information…you start to lose sight of your dream because there’s a huge amount of reading or work before you can start. My goal was to cut out all of the steps that might slow you down so that your dreams and goals can become a reality today.

And there's limited space available, so it's purely a first-come, first-served basis.

JayShetty: SMG Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

I stand by the results of this program. However, if for any reason you change your mind, you may receive a full refund within the first 7 days of purchase. Simply email our support team for your refund.

This time next year, you could have your first 10,000, 100,000, or even 1,000,000 followers!

Just like any journey, it begins with the first step.

Here’s How To Complete Your First Step Today

And Embark On Your Social Media Growth Journey:

That’s it!

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are limiting enrolment to ensure our students are fully supported.

To ensure your enrollment, please register while the course is still accessible to the general public.

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Time is of essence.

Because we want to give our students the best support and attention during this course, we have to limit the number of people we can take in.

Right now, we ideally have only 50 slots open for the NEW Social Media Growth course.

And as you know, these slots fill up really quickly.

We get millions of applications for our courses.

But for this specific Social Media Growth course, we need to maximize the experience for the students we take in to give them the best possible transformation and results.

So we may not take more than 50 students for this, so we can focus our energy on them.

And students are coming in dozens already for this!

So, there are FEWER slots left right now as I speak!

Hurry now and get in FAST before we close the doors forever!


How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have 1 year access to this course through the Kajabi portal.
We recommend investing at least two hours a week for consistent growth and implementation to complete this program in 10 weeks. However, you may take it also at a slower or faster pace. You will have lifetime access to course materials so that you can create your learning schedule according to your pace.
All of the lectures are video-based, and you can easily follow along with the workbook.
If you feel a calling to share your story with the world through content creation, empowerment, motivation, and inspiration, this course will help you achieve this goal.
While Jay does not provide personal social media consulting during this course, he has put all his thoughts, advice, and personal experience to crystallize in this course the exact moments and patterns that have driven his social media success.
Yes, this course is suitable for beginners. We provide task guides, workbooks and checklists, so you can achieve the same results.
Yes, this course will help you boost your confidence. Lessons include Jay’s personal tips on personal development and overcoming self-doubt.
You will be supported by our Customer Service team’s email desk 7 days a week.

Questions About Social Media Growth?

Contact our support team at

Remember, you won’t be able to gain entry into Social Media Growth after June 6th, 2022.

To secure your spot while you still can and receive $1037 worth of FREE bonuses, visit the URL below and complete your order today.

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